A timetable for students interested in the Ecology & Evolution Specialization

Year Fall Winter Spring Summer
Second Start thinking about whether a research thesis might interest you and investigate summer opportunities for research; get on listservs such as ECOLOG, EvolDir
An internship, research assistantship, NSF REU, etc.    
Third Start talking with potential advisors     Brainstorm thesis ideas with a prospective advisor     Map out a research proposal with an advisor     Do almost 100% of the research that you need to do for the thesis    
Fourth Check in with Cathy Pfister about your intention to do an E&E thesis. Work on analyses and think about the layout of your Thesis     Analyses completed; thesis draft ready for your Advisor’s comments by the end of the quarter     Fifth week: Polished Thesis submitted to Reviewers, Seventh week: one week for revisions, Eighth week: Final version turned in.