BSCD Quantitative Biology Fellowship

The quantitative biology summer research fellowship is an opportunity for students to complete a research project in any field of biology (e.g. ecology and evolution, systems biology, statistical genetics) using quantitative tools (e.g. statistical, computational, or mathematical methods). The research projects will be primarily computational in nature, although students may also engage in experimental data collection to support their aims. In addition to working on research, students will take part in a regular student-led seminar facilitated by D. Kondrashov with the aim of acquiring new quantitative skills to support their research progress.  The goal of the program is to create a community of undergraduate scholars and provide them with an intensive, interdisciplinary research and learning experience.

Students will work on research tasks with the guidance of their research advisors, identify quantitative questions and share them in the regular seminar with the other fellows. They will identify specific learning objectives together with other fellows, and achieve them with the guidance of the program director. The specific research tasks will vary depending on the project, but may include substantial data analysis, programming using a high-level programming language (e.g. R or python), learning new software and using high-performance computing resources at the University. All students will be expected to read research papers and find information resources necessary to advance their projects, with the guidance of the program director. At the end of the summer period, students will produce a written report and present their research results in a mini-conference.

·         Students who have completed at least one year of at University of Chicago are invited to apply

·         Relevant course work in biological sciences and quantitative methods is should be demonstrated

·         Successful applicants will have familiarity with at least one high-level programming language, basic statistics, and exposure to scientific computing (such as BIOS 20151)

·         Compensation details and application instructions can be found by following this link to the application site at Handshake:

·         Application deadline is April 10, 2019