BSCD Developmental Neurobiology Fellowship

The “Developmental Neurobiology Undergraduate Fellowship Opportunity” (DNUFO) seeks to build an undergraduate summer research program that takes advantage of the breadth and depth of developmental neurobiology research across various departments (Organismal Biology and Anatomy, Human Genetics, Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology, and Neurobiology) in order to facilitate rigorous undergraduate involvement in research, foster interactions between students, expose students to research outside their immediate interests, develop professional skills, and build personal networks with colleagues within and outside the University.

The research activities will take place in host laboratories across campus.  The DNUFO Fellows will be required to perform 10 weeks of full-time research in their host labs.  The specific lab duties will depend on the project assigned to the Fellow.  In addition, every Fellow must attend weekly meetings that include professional development sessions, journal club presentations, and student research presentations. Each Fellow will prepare one journal club session and present at two student research symposia. Fellows will also attend and present a poster at one regional conference/meeting.

·         No previous research experience is required but it is preferred. 

·         Preference will be given to students who are, or plan to be, Neuroscience majors, however any student who has begun their general education requirement in the biological sciences is eligible to apply.

·         Preference will be given to 1st and 2nd year undergraduate students. Exceptions will be made for 3rd year students if space is available.

·         In order to apply to DNUFO, applicants must first identify a mentor who works within the area of developmental neurobiology.  Once a mentor is identified, the applicant will work with him/her to prepare the application.

·         A partial list of faculty mentors, application instructions, compensation details, and additional DNUFO Fellowship information can be found by following this link to the application site at Handshake.

·         Application deadline April 10, 2019