Student Gallery

The 2014 to 2018 students who have done original research theses in Ecology & Evolution and earned a BS in the Biological Sciences

Charlotte Hovland

Thesis Title: Spatial Variability in Generalist Predation on the Douglas Fir Tussock Moth

Advisor: Greg Dwyer

Faculty Reviewers: Tim Wootton, Eric Larsen

Dhruv Modi

Thesis Title: Evidence for intraguild niche partitioning between sympatric large carnivores in the Terai Arc Landscape of Northern India

Advisor: Bruce Patterson

Faculty Reviewers: Larry Heaney, John Bates


Alexander Okamoto

Thesis Title: Downstream Targets Of Hoxa13 Genes In Zebrafish Pectoral Fin Development

Advisor: Neil Shubin

Faculty Reviewers: Zhe-Xi Luo, Paul Sereno

Renata Poulton-Kamakura

Thesis Title: The Effects of Nonlocal Species Propagule Pressure and Phylogenetic Diversity on Nonlocal Species Growth in Newly Restored Tallgrass Prairies

Advisor: Cathy Pfister

Faculty Reviewers: Tim Wootton, Jean Greenberg

Madori Spiker

Thesis Title: Maternal Experience and Mother and Calf Behavior in the Endangered Speke's Gazelles

Advisor: Cathy Pfister

Faculty Reviewers: Greg Dwyer, Rachel Santymire

Brian Tsuru

Thesis Title: Drivers of distributions: A comparative assessment linking morphological and environmental factors to patterns of geographic range in a lineage of sub-Saharan songbirds

Advisor: Jon Bates  

Faculty Reviewers: Larry Heaney, Trevor Price

Megan Verner-Crist

Thesis Title: The Impacts of Snow Removal on Plant Fitness Along an Alpine Gradient

Advisor: Cathy Pfister

Faculty Reviewers: Steve Pruett Jones, Rick Ree

Winston Wilson

Thesis Title: Pelycosaurian Research 'Lineages': A Meta-analysis of Three Decades of Phylogenetic Research

Advisor: Ken Angielczyk

Faculty Reviewers: Zhe-Xi Luo, Graham Slater

Kristine Don

Thesis Title: Spatiotemporal expression of Osiris-9 across four butterfly species (Lepidoptera)

Advisor: Marcus Kronforst   

Faculty Reviewers: Trevor Price, Jocelyn Malamy

Neeti Jain

Thesis Title: Behavioral and Physiological Effects of Noise Pollution on the Baringo giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis rothschild) housed in situ

Advisor: Rachel Santymire   

Faculty Reviewers: Jill Mateo, Steve Pruett-Jones

Isaac Krone

Thesis Title: The Shape of ‘Theres to Come': The Evolutionary Background of Mammalian Cranial Allometry

Advisor: Ken Angielczyk

Faculty Reviewers: Zhe-Xi Luo, Michael Coates

Emily Lipstein

Thesis Title: Patterns of Selection Across Twelve Mitochondrial Protein-Coding Genes in the Monk Seals (Phocidae:Monachini)

Advisor: Steve Pruett-Jones

Faculty Reviewers: Bruce Patterson, Marcus Kronforst

Destiny Reeves

Thesis Title: The Diversity and Distribution of Three Endosymbionts within the Widespread Neotropical Ant, Cephalotes atratus (Hymenoptera:  Formicidae)

Advisor: Corrie Moreau

Faculty Reviewers: Thorsten Lumbsch, Eric Larsen

Clara Stahlman Roeder

Thesis Title: The Watchers on the Mounds: Sentinel Behavior in Captive Meerkats

Advisor: Steve Pruett-Jones

Faculty Reviewers: Mike LaBarbara, Katie Cronin, LPZ

Benjamin Sulser

Thesis Title: Comparative morphology of the inner cochlear ganglionic canals across Chiroptera

Advisor: Zhe-Xi Luo

Faculty Reviewers: Ken Angielczyk, Bruce Patterson

Teresa-Anne Tatom-Naecker

Thesis Title: Burrowing fishes: kinematics, morphology, and phylogeny of sand-diving wrasses (Labridae)

Advisor: Mark Westneat

Faculty Reviewers: Mike LaBarbara, Zhe-Xi Luo

Maria Viteri

Thesis Title: Saharan dwarf crocodile: phylogenetic placement and body size of a Holocene niloticus population from Niger

Advisor: Paul Sereno

Faculty Reviewers: Zhe-Xi Luo, Steve Pruett-Jones

James Gabriel Arroyo Wauer

Thesis Title: Identification of Gliding Ecomorphtype among Gliding Mammals

Advisor: Zhe-Xi Luo

Faculty Reviewers: Ken Angielczyk, Eric Larsen

Hannah Weller

Thesis Title: Dirt-sifting Devilfish: Winnowing in Geophagine Cichlids

Advisor: Mark Westneat   

Faculty Reviewers: Michael Coates, Stefano Allesina

Sarah Kurtis

Thesis Title: A Comparative Analysis of the Genetic Variation Underlying Color Variation in Avian Polymorphic Species

Advisor: John Bates    

Faculty Reviewers: Steve Pruett-Jones, Marcus Kronforst

Photo of Sarah Kurtis

Chris Kyriazis

Thesis title: Phylogeography of an endemic genus of Philippine forest rats: evaluating the potential for in situ speciation in a recent colonist on Luzon Island (Genus: Bullimus)

Advisors: John Bates, Larry Heaney 

Faculty Reviewers: Shannon Hackett, Bruce Patterson

Photo of Chris Kyriazis

Riva Letchinger

Thesis Title: The influence of male mate choice on female polymorphism in the butterfly Papilio polytes

Advisor: Marcus Kronforst

Faculty Reviewers: Steve Pruett-Jones, Mike LaBarbara

Photo of Riva Letchinger

Caroline Owens

Thesis Title: Effect of Human Activities on Eutrophication: Nitrogen Loads to Waquoit Bay, 1990-2013    

Advisor: Cathy Pfister

Faculty Reviewers: Tim Wootton, Maureen Coleman

Photo of Caroline Owens

Timothy Salazar

Thesis Title: Effects of sublethal doses of insecticides on honey bees

Advisor: Corrie Moreau

Faculty Reviewers: Cathy Pfister, Greg Dwyer

Photo of Timothy Salazar

Jenny Uehling

Thesis Title: Distribution and Status of Naturalized Parrots in the United States: Determining What Factors Explain Establishment

Advisor: Steve Pruett Jones

Faculty Reviewers: Trevor Price, Greg Dwyer

Photo of Jenny Uehling

Cody Weinberger

Thesis Title: Detecting Structural Variants in Cancer Genomes through Direct Tumor/Normal Comparison

Advisor: S Allesina

Faculty Reviewers: Greg Dwyer, Sarah Cobey

Stephanie Baumgart

Thesis Title: Pneumaticity In A Niger Pterosaur As Compared With Modern Birds   

Advisor: Paul Sereno    

Faculty Reviewers: Zhe-Xi Luo, Jean Greenberg and Dan Nicolae    

Hannah Bleeker

Thesis Title: Sexual Dimorphism in the American Robin  

Advisor: Steve Pruett-Jones    

Faculty Reviewers: John Bates, Cathy Pfister    

Rachel Folz

Thesis Title: Prey profitability as an explanation for spatial differences in predator prey interaction strengths   

Advisor: Tim Wootton    

Faculty Reviewers: Cathy Pfister, Steve Pruett-Jones

Picture of Rachel Folz