Pre-Health Professions

A broad liberal arts education provides an exceptional preparation for a career in the health professions. Students are encouraged to concentrate in any discipline in which they have a strong interest, while making sure that they fulfill the common entry requirements for professional school. These include:

3 quarters of calculus (recommended)
3 quarters of physics with a laboratory
3 quarters of general chemistry with a laboratory
3 quarters of organic chemistry with a laboratory
3 quarters of biology with a laboratory
3 quarters of humanities 
1 quarter of biochemistry

The College offers alternative course sequences that fulfill each of these requirements. Some schools of the health professions have additional requirements and two additional upper level courses in the biological sciences are strongly recommended as part of a student's preparation.

Students preparing for a career in the health professions are also strongly encouraged to participate in research and to explore their interests in human service through community and/or hospital volunteer work. The University community offers exceptional opportunities for both types of experiences.

Students who believe they may be interested in a career in one of the health professions should consult first with their College adviser and then later in the quarter with their health professions adviser. UChicago     Careers in Health Professions offers seminars and workshops, as well as group and individual counseling, to assist each student in preparing for professional education and, at the appropriate time, in the     application process itself. Please utilize the links below to gain additional information about UCIHP.

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