Current Students Major Requirements

Requirements for the Biological Sciences Major

The biological sciences program works to give students:
(1) an understanding of currently accepted concepts in biology and the experimental support for these concepts and
(2) an appreciation of the gaps in our current understanding and the opportunities for new research in this field.
Emphasis is placed on introducing students to the diversity of subject matter and methods of investigation in the biological sciences. The program prepares students for graduate or professional study in the biological sciences and for careers in the biological sciences.

Please refer to the College Catalog for current requirements.


Requirements for the Neurosciences Major

At the University of Chicago, there are several ways undergraduate students can incorporate coursework which spans the breadth of neuroscience, reflecting the interests of a large and diverse faculty in such research areas as neurodevelopment, synaptic physiology, cortical circuits, sensation, perception, motor function, reward and addiction, cognitive neuroscience, computational neuroscience, neural networks, machine learning, and the neurobiology of disease neuroscience into their academic experiences and careers. The new undergraduate neuroscience major offers a BA or BS in Neuroscience. Students may choose electives for breadth or focus on areas such as molecular or computational neuroscience. The Honors program involves a thesis based on significant experimental research.

Students are required to discuss curriculum goals and obtain approval for Neuroscience electives with the Neuroscience Major Director.  Students should fill out an approval formto be signed by the director before registration. For more information visit the College Course Catalog.



The faculty of the Biological Sciences Collegiate Division encourages you to read carefully "Doing Honest Work in College", by Charles Lipson (available here) and become familiar with the guidelines presented therein. Academic dishonesty is a matter of grave concern to the BSCD faculty and will not be tolerated. If you have any questions, please consult with the Professors to make sure you understand the expectations for each course.

In addition, students must confirm their registration with their course instructors by the second class meeting or their registration may be cancelled. Students must obtain written consent of the course instructor to enter courses in which they were not preregistered or to change lab sections. Lab sections with fewer than 10 students may be cancelled.