Welcome to the Biological Sciences Collegiate Division!

Biology is the study of organisms and their adaptations to the pressures of natural selection. The College believes that knowledge of biology is essential for understanding many problems of modern life and for intelligent involvement in their solution. The Biological Sciences Collegiate Division, therefore, provides a variety of biology courses for all College students—prospective biologists and nonbiologists alike. Although most of the course offerings beyond the introductory year are designed to serve the needs of students majoring in biological sciences, many of these courses are well suited to students in other areas who wish to study some aspect of biology in greater detail.

The Biological Sciences Collegiate Division (BSCD) is located in the Donnelley Biological Sciences Learning Center (BSLC). The BSLC contains administrative and faculty offices, greenhouses, and state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories. In addition to two office staff, one lab manager and three assistant lab managers handle much of the ordering for courses and preparations for labs. Although most faculty in the Biological Sciences Division hold secondary appointments on the College faculty and teach undergraduate courses, four senior lecturers hold primary appointments in the College. The BSCD faculty teach courses, coordinate labs for large courses, support other faculty teaching lab courses, and contribute to a variety of services for college students, high school students, teachers, and other members of the university community.