Undergraduate Research

The University of Chicagos Biological Sciences Collegiate Division (BSCD) has developed innovative and exciting curricular initiatives in undergraduate science education and expanded undergraduate research opportunities. Approximately 80% to 90% of all biology majors engage in some form of research activity. These successful programs provide a firm foundation for the undergraduate research experience. 

The Beckman Scholars Program in Molecular Sciences is meant to provide scholars the best opportunity to develop skills that will promote their success during their graduate and post-graduate training and begin building tools for independence and leadership in molecular sciences. This includes providing an enriched research experience including mentored reading of contemporary literature, along with immersion in the vast range of research forums on campus such as seminars, journal and data clubs and research group meetings to develop invaluable scientific tools such as critical thinking, judgment and insight. Further information go to the program web site or contact Dr. Steve Kron at skron@uchicago.edu