BSCD Lecturers and Staff

Jocelyn Malamy, Ph.D, BSCD Master

Office: BSLC 300. Phone: (773) 702-7963. Email:

Chris Andrews; Senior Lecturer/Senior Adviser

Chris Andrews coordinates labs for courses in evolution, ecology, and biodiversity. She teaches two courses in the pre-med sequence for non-majors and a fall lecture course in evolutionary adaptation.  She is also a Senior Adviser in the BSCD. 

Office: BSLC 306. Phone: (773) 702-1214.


Navneet Bhasin; Lecturer

Navneet Bhasin encourages personalized education by incorporating topical research and presentations by students in areas of their interest. An expression of this is seen in the glowing bacteria art gallery on the BSCD website. She directs labs for the advanced AP5, Biology concentration courses - Molecular Biology of the Cell (20234) and Biological Systems (20235). She also teaches Core Biology and “Biotechnology for the 21st century” for students who are not concentrating in Biology. She has a Ph.D. in Molecular Microbiology and extensive research experience with pathogenic bacteria at Harvard and Boston University Medical Schools. 
Office: BSLC 208. Phone: (773) 834-4699. E-mail:

Tom Christianson; Senior Lecturer

Tom Christianson teaches Common Core Biology courses for students who are not concentrating in biology. He also teaches Experimental Physiology of Bacteria, a microbiology lab course. In the summer he teaches Research in Biological Sciences (RIBS), a four week intensive laboratory research course for high school students.
Office: BSLC 222A. Phone: (773) 834-4345. Email:

Beatrice Fineschi; Lecturer

Beatrice Fineschi is trained in molecular biology, immunology and virology. She teaches Common Core Biology to students who are not concentrating in biology.
Office: BSLC 208. Phone: (773) 834-4699. Email:

Esmael Haddadian; Lecturer

Esmael Haddadian has a Ph.D. in Biophysics. He is developing and teaching a two-quarter sequence in Mathematical Modeling for Pre-Med students and a sequence in Multiscale Modeling of Biological Systems for none-biology majors. His research background is in Computational Biology with interests in modeling the dynamics of macromolecules, X-ray crystallographic refinement, and computational biophysics. Office: BSLC 222. Phone (773)702-7923.

Alison Hunter; Senior Lecturer

Alison Hunter teaches Common Core Biology courses for students who are not concentrating in biology. Her specialization is in Ecology, and particularly plant-animal interactions.
Office: BSLC 351. Phone: (773) 834-3386. Email:

Dmitry Kondrashov; Senior Lecturer

Dmitry Kondrashov has a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Biochemistry. He is developing and teaching a three-quarter sequence in Mathematical Methods for Biological Sciences (BIOS 26210-11-12). His research interests include modeling the structural dynamics of protein molecules, and he has collaborated extensively with X-ray crystallographers, computational biophysicists, and mathematicians. For more details, see his home page.
Office: BSLC 208. Phone: (773) 834-3387.

Elizabeth W. Kovar: Senior Lecturer

Elizabeth Kovar has a Ph.D. in chemistry. She is involved in infusing quantitative approaches into the biological curriculum. Elizabeth’s research background is in computational biology with interests in mathematical modeling of whole-cell systems, specifically metabolic and genetic considerations, and the cytoskeleton, involving motility and neuronal functioning.
Office: BSLC 409. Phone: 773.834.2758. Email:

Eric Larsen; Senior Lecturer

Eric Larsen is an ecologist who teaches Mammalian Ecology (BIOS 23254) and Ecology & Evolution in the Southwest (BIOS 23233) in the spring for students who are concentrating in biology. This latter course includes a 2-wk field trip through the deserts of the Southwest with field research conducted in the Sonoran Desert. He also teaches Common Core Biology and Topics for students who are not concentrating in biology.
Office: BSLC 334. Phone: (773) 702-1215. Email:

Megan McNulty; Senior Lecturer/Senior Advisor

Megan McNulty is the Senior Advisor to the students of the BSLC.  She is also a senior lecturer for the Core Biology sequence, and teaches "Workings of the Human Brain: From Brain to Behavior."
Office: 306. Phone: (773) 834-7744. 

Chris Schonbaum; Senior Lecturer

Chris Schonbaum directs labs for the biology concentration courses in cellular and molecular biology (20181, 20191), genetics (20192), and developmental biology (20183, 20193). In addition, in the summer, he runs the Research in Biological Sciences (RIBS) course, a four-week laboratory research workshop for high school students.
Office: BSLC 215. Phone: (773) 702-2514. Email:

Paul J. Strieleman; Titelbaum Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences

Paul Strieleman is a nutritional biochemist who teaches Introduction to Biochemistry and Common Core courses in nutritional science.  He also directs and develops the laboratories for the undergraduate biochemistry courses.  
Office: BSLC 338. Phone: (773) 702-5076 Email:

Rosemary Zaragoza; Lecturer

Rosemary Zaragoza teaches Pharmacology Perspectives, which covers molecular, cellular and organ basics in biology and incorporate how drugs work at the molecular, cellular and organ levels in treatment of disease.
Office: BSLC 211. Phone: (773) 702-2018. Email:

Kila Roberts

Kila Roberts is the Divison Administrator to the Master of the Biological Science Collegiate Division. She coordinates and manages the administrative, financial, educational, and research activities for the Biological Sciences Collegiate Division.
Office: BSLC 328. Phone: (773) 702-7962. Email:

Marcia Gilliland-Roberts; Lab Manager

Marcia Gilliland-Roberts handles purchasing and course budgets, coordinates equipment use and maintenance, and oversees compliance with safety regulations. She also assists with special programs for students, including poster sessions and conferences, and conducts building tours for visitors.
Office: BSLC 336. Phone: (773) 702-1930. Email:

Don Churilla; Building Manager

Don Churilla Manages the BSLC building operations unit, which includes all building functions: dock and deliveries, mail, security, house keeping, room reservations, audio-visual, lost and found, and repairs and renovations.
Office: BSLC 118. Phone: (773) 702-2978. Email:

Luis Burgos

Luis Burgos is the HARDEST WORKING EMPLOYEE in the Biological Sciences Learning Center.
Office: BSLC 120. Phone: (773) 702-0713. Email: